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Terri Hurt

I love my job so much and not everyone can say that. And I recognize how lucky that is!

Christi Henderson

The Rainbow Opportunity has opened so many doors for me. I love my job!

Joshua Huffman

We make money every time we walk in the office.
It’s a great atmosphere and I love my co-workers

Estela Valdez

It only took me a few weeks to pay off my Rainbow on the Equity Program! And it’s fun!

Happy Customers

I was contacted by a friend about seeing the presentation and I really had no interest as I already had a cleaner and why would I need to see another one. I was shown the presentation and after seeing how much sense it made and the amount of dirt and dust removed; I decided it may be the answer and purchased one. Since we have owned our Rainbow, my son's allergy problems have all but disappeared. My home feels cleaner and healthier, and the stinky vacuum smells are gone as well. I absolutely love my Rainbow! Many thanks for providing such a great cleaning system! We would recommend the Rainbow to everyone in providing a healthier home for their family!
Margaret JohnsonI Love My Rainbow!!!
I decided to have a free consultation to help a friend who was purchasing the Rainbow system. I was so impressed with the abilities that I also purchased! It was an investment, but I am so happy that I did it. The dealer was very friendly and knowledgeable. I definitely recommend this company!
Michael HausserRainbow is the only one!